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Ready, Aim...Win

Two years ago, AICC joined forces with Holly Green, President, The Human Factor to offer a special program specifically for AICC members. The program, Ready, Aim...Win!, is a strategic agility program designed to help the key executive team of a company get clear on your winning plan for success. It is a 12-month program that ties lice webinars, ongoing phone and conference calls, and personalized individual coaching with the expert herself, in your plant.

Over 15 member companies have already gone through the process and continues to build their success with Holly's support. Tony Schleich, President, The Lawrence Paper Company, American Packaging Division, says, "if you're wondering whether you should do this, I'd encourage a little introspection to really understand where you're at, where you want to go, and whether you can give up who you are. If you can check your ego at the door, some pretty remarkable things will happen."

Working one-on-one with Holly, costs $25,000, but AICC membership allows you access to this year-long program for only $10,000. REVIEW THE 2017 SCHEDULE.

If you would like to talk to Holly or hear a little bit about who she is and her approach on winning, you can hear her speak during the AICC SPRING MEETING, April 26-28 in Austin, TX, at the Thursday, April 27th EYE-OPENER SESSION, 7:00- 8:00 am, where she will speak on "Just Getting it Done: Driving Execution."

"If you're  at any type of turning point, and you're willing to put in the time and money to be successful, it's unquestionably worth it," says Tonya Kowa-Morelli, President, Huston Patterson.



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