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New Study Examines Effect of Foil, Laminates on Packaging

Jul. 17, 2017

When it comes to buying chocolate, consumers have many different varieties and companies from which to choose. After all, chocolate is popular as a commonplace purchase at the checkout counter of a grocery store, and is also often a preferred gift for special occasions.

How a Micro Fiber Cleaning Plate Can Effortlessly Maintain an Anilox Roll

Jul. 7, 2017

Today’s world is all about time. What can you do in a day? Could you do more? When you consider what can be done in a small increment of time, building a better package is not likely to be on that list.

The American Forest & Paper Association Released April U.S. Paper Reports

Jul. 7, 2017

The American Forest & Paper Association releases the April U.S containerboard, printing-writing paper, and boxboard reports.

What Amazon Buying Whole Foods Might Do for E-commerce Packaging

Jul. 7, 2017

A game changer. That’s what e-commerce and business experts are calling Amazon’s recently announced acquisition of Whole Foods. Amazon has already been leading in e-commerce packaging, especially for durable goods. How will this venture change the retail landscape, especially for fresh foods and beverages? And what might it mean for product packaging?

Reduce Electricity Costs on Summer Peak Demand Days

Jul. 6, 2017

You can greatly benefit from reducing energy consumption on the five days of the year when the highest demand on the electricity grid occurs. Peak demand typically arises in afternoon hours during summer months. NOAA predicts that much of the United States will experience higher-than-normal temperatures this summer, which would suggest increased demand. Usage can be reduced by dimming lighting, adjusting thermostat settings, shutting down equipment, using onsite power generators, or scheduling operations during nighttime hours.

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