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JSE Partner Checklist

The following is a sample checklist for qualifying prospective members in a Joint Selling Entity. The individual member and the needs of the customer in a given geographic area best determine these items. Where possible, the lead member company should visit a prospective partner to determine the following:
  • Financial Stability and Local Market Reputation: Lead members should conduct a credit check of prospective JSE members and also consider their number of years in business in a given area.
  • Quality: Does the prospective member have a compatible quality culture? Quality personnel in the lead member should carefully review all members' quality procedures.
  • Assured Source of Supply: Does the prospective partner have written supply agreements with paperboard suppliers? 
  • Equipment and Manufacturing Capabilities: Does the prospective partner have the equipment and manufacturing capabilities needed for all aspects of the job? Request samples of work produced. 
  • Capability of Sales, Design and Customer Service: If visiting a prospective partner, sales, design and customer service personnel should be brought together to outline how logistics will work in servicing the lead company's customer.
  • On-time Delivery Records: Lead member should request on-time delivery reports from prospective members.
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