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What is AICC’s Mastery Certificate Program? AICC currently offers two mastery certificate tracks. The courses identified were determined crucial to the success of any employee working in a Packaging Plant by the AICC Education Committee -- a committee made up of owners, managers and emerging leaders within the industry. Anyone enrolling in a Certificate program can take courses offered throughout the year as a way of earning credits to a Mastery Certificate. A total of 36 hours of training is required in order to earn a Mastery Certificate. There is no charge to sign up for a Mastery Track and you receive credits toward the Mastery Certificate as courses both online, in classroom as well as e-learning are completed.

Who can benefit from completing a Mastery Certificate? The Sales Mastery Certificate was developed to give employees a basic knowledge and understanding of the packaging industry and skills to be a fully functioning employee within the plant as well as with customers. Any person who completes a certificate track will have a depth of knowledge in paper, paper packaging. and processes in package printing.

Why is this important for employers? Mastery Certificates help employers identify and/or develop qualified skilled workers. Employers can use the certificate program as a hiring tool or as an evaluation tool to identify and address knowledge gaps in their existing workforce.

To begin working towards your Mastery Certificate or to learn more, contact Taryn Pyle at TPYLE@AICCBOX.ORG or 703.535.1391.

Each online course or installment of a course counts for one hour. Multiple hour courses are noted.  A Certificate is awarded with the successful completion of 36 hours.

Required courses are listed below. The balance of the education experience is elective. One course must be completed onsite.

Two required courses may be challenged. If challenged successfully 1 hour of credit is gained per challenge. 

Required Courses 11 Hours
Corrugated Basics (3)                    
Safety Basics (also available in Spanish)                                
Understanding Board Combinations
Packaging Foundations (5)
18 Ways to Sell Value Instead of Price

Seminars (One from this category is required)
Design Forum (12)    
Sales Strategies for Today's Market (12)        
Sales Strategy Performance Metrics (12)
Benchmarking: Optimizing Plant Operations    (12)    
Containerboard & Corrugated Packaging (16)         
Paperboard Packaging for Folding Carton (16)             
Sales Managers Forum (12)

Convergent Selling    
Your Price is Too High: Commoditization        
Overall Equipment Effectiveness       
Faster, Better, Smarter with Value Stream Mapping   
Communication For Coaches    
Flexographic Print Basics (3)
Navigating Time: Job Shop Time Management
Go Team: Make Your Team More Productive  
Keeping Score: How to Read Financial Statements
Accounts Receivable and Cash

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