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In 2014 AICC’s Education Committee identified and addressed a growing need for skilled workers in the packaging industry. It was determined that the skills gap is widening, and over the next decade, more skilled workers will be needed and yet unfilled due to a talent shortage.  As a result, it was mandated that AICC work to create courses relevant to the packaging industry as classroom, webinar and e-learning opportunities enabling members to train employees at a relatively low cost.

Since 2014 AICC has launched more than a dozen e-learning courses and added new classroom and webinar training offerings relevant to packaging and focused on the technical needs of our members.

All of AICC training is part of a bigger plan to provide formal training that results in skilled workers that can make a difference in the packaging industry. AICC is the only packaging association that is working to develop mastery training programs relevant to our industry with relevant application to PRODUCTION and SALES, and new certificate tracks on the horizon. AICC Mastery Track certificates ensures that your employee has the knowledge they need to be better, more skilled workers.

What is AICC’s Mastery Certificate Program? AICC currently offers two mastery certificate tracks. The courses identified were determined crucial to the success of any employee working in a Packaging Plant by the AICC Education Committee -- a committee made up of owners, managers and emerging leaders within the industry. Anyone enrolling in a Certificate program can take courses offered throughout the year as a way of earning credits to a Mastery Certificate. A total of 36 hours of training is required in order to earn a Mastery Certificate. There is no charge to sign up for a Mastery Track and you receive credits toward the Mastery Certificate as courses both online, in classroom as well as e-learning are completed.

To review courses offered in each track, and the requirements for completion visit here:

Who can benefit from completing a certificate? AICC has two certificate tracks currently created. The Production Certificate and Sales Certificate were developed to give employees a basic knowledge and understanding of the Packaging Industry and skills to be a fully functioning employee within the plant as well as with customers. Any person who completes a certificate track will have a depth of knowledge in paper, paper packaging and processes in package printing.

Why is this important for employers? These certificates help employers identify and/or develop qualified skilled workers. Employers can use the certificate program as a hiring tool or as an evaluation tool to identify and address knowledge gaps in their existing workforce.

To begin working towards your Mastery Certificate, or for more information contact Taryn Pyle at TPYLE@AICCBOX.ORG or 703.535.1391.

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