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Every member from the CEO to Production, from Customer Service to Shipping, from Design to Accounting is an integral link in the customer experience chain. What we do, how we do it and who we do it for is the shared objective.

Learning Objectives: The Convergent Selling framework is designed around your customer's experience and how you make their business better. When their sales increase, yours will parallel their growth.

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Session 1. Why We Need A New Sales Strategy
*What's changed, what hasn't and what's going to. * Stop competing and start building.

Session 2. Finding Your Audience & Crafting Your Message
*Calculating your acquisition cost. * Creating your market distinction. 
Session 3. Alignment of Your Team
* Communicating and consistency. * Emerging technology

Session 4. Get Their Attention
* Inbound marketing in the box business. * Retention strategies.



Kim Brown is a 25+ year veteran of the packaging industry, with experience in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing and Business Development - for both the integrated and the independent. Kim founded Corrugated Strategies to assist the independent sector, addressing their challenges in today's competitive market. Kim applies her sales experience, knowledge of the industry and understanding of the market as it is  today,to deliver relevant and current content, keeping participants engaged and involved. She combines idealistic passion to fire you up with concrete advice to put into practice immediately.


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