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When: Wednesday - Thursday, June 14-15 | 7:30 am
Where: Carol Stream, IL
Early Bird Member Registration (Deadline May 1): $1195
Member Single Registration (after May 1): $1295
Member 3 or More Registration: $1095
Non-member Registration: $1595

Created specifically for the packaging industry to address challenges in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, AICC is proud to introduce a new training program designed to breathe new life into your sales team. “What got us here, won’t take us there.” Reality requires us to challenge the established thoughts, robotic behaviors, and outdated processes. This program encompasses fresh new ideas and concepts to build a solid strategy for today’s competitive landscape. Based on the belief that if you’re still just “SPIN”ing the sales call, you’re not even in the game, this 1 ½ day seminar will teach you new methods for securing new business, creating more hours in front of a buyer and elevated the discussion beyond price debates. We’ll cut through the clutter to provide a straightforward actionable sales strategy.

This seminar is segmented into three main components, each specific area relevant to the challenges our salespeople face every day: prospecting, time and territory management, commoditization and the price buyer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Secure the first appointment.
  • Identify and pursue prospects that fit versus random acts.
  • Learn how to use emerging technology to your advantage.
  • Make Time & Territory Management the #1 thing on your to-do list.
  • Script your time for maximum results.
  • Overcome “Your price is too high.”
  • Understand value.

Who should attend:
Sales representatives and sales managers.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


7:30 AM   Continental Breakfast—Meet & Greet 
8:30 A.M.–9:00 A.M    Course Introduction & Opening Remarks 
9:00 A.M.–10:00 A.M    Evolution of Sales
10:00 A.M.–10:15 A.M.    Break
10:15 A.M.–12:00 P.M.    Commodity and the Price Buyer
  - Understanding Differentiation
  - What Causes Default to Price?
  - Perception and Influence
  - Lobby Candy Syndrome
12:00 P.M.–12:45 P.M.    Lunch
12:45 P.M.–1:00 P.M.     Morning Review
1:00 P.M.–2:00 P.M  Prospecting and Securing First Call
   - Common Approaches
   - Current Sales Cycle
2:00 P.M.–2:15 P.M.     Break 
2:15 P.M.–3:30 P.M.  Prospecting 
  - Cold Call Results
   - Determining Fit
   - Communication
   - Buyer’s Vision and Premature Quoting
   - Call Planning History
3:30 P.M.–3:45 P.M.   Break
3:45 P.M.–4:30 P.M.    Research 
  - Industry
  - Company
  - Buyer
4:30 P.M.–4:45 P.M.   First Day Wrap Up


Thursday, June 15

7:30 A.M. Continental Breakfast
8:00 –9:00 Day 1 Overview / Q & A
9:00 –10:15 Time Management
    - Not Tangible / Is Personal
    - Energy Levels
    - Visual / Linear
    - Disorganization
    - Psychological Obstacles
10:15 –10:30 Break
10:30 –11:15 Territory Management
    - Account Classifications
    - Five Days / Five Regions
11:15 A.M.–12:00 P.M. Time Management
    - Tasks and Activities
12:00 –12:45 Lunch
12:45 –1:30 Connecting the Dots
1:30 –1:45 Break
1:45 –2:15 Team Case Study, Evaluation and Preparation
2:15 –3:15 Presentation and Feedback
3:15 –3:30 Key Learning Group Discussion
    - Action Items
    - Implementation Date
    - Outcome
    - Accountability



Kim Brown, Corrugated Strategies

Kim is a 25+ year veteran of the packaging industry, with experience in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, and Business Development - for both the integrated and the independent.

Kim founded Corrugated Strategies to assist the independent sector, addressing their challenges in today’s competitive market. Kim applies her sales experience, knowledge of the industry and understanding of the market as it is today, to deliver relevant and current content, keeping participants engaged and involved. She combines idealistic passion to fire you up with concrete advice to put into practice immediately.
Frain Integration

Frain Integration is North America’s largest single source provider of packaging and processing integrated machinery solutions. Frain represents the critical link in the modern supply chain to meet consumer demand through rapid deployment and cash efficient packaging machinery integration. Our customers rely on 36 years of experience and 45+ engineers/technicians when fully integrating one machine to several separate OEM machines to get started faster than anyone else in the industry.

Do more. Faster. For less.


Marriott Courtyard
275 Knollwood Drive
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

$139/ night
For reservations, call (630) 529-9200
Group code: ACJ


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