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Corrugated Basics 3-Part Online series

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This course provides comprehensive training on Corrugated Basics 101, 102, 103. The series covers the History and Industry Overview, Corrugated Board and its Uses, and Manufacturing and Converting.

You can purchase this discounted package of the 3-parts, or purchase each of the parts separately.  Taking the second course requires having completed the first course, and taking the third course requires having completed the first and second courses.

Note: The above YouTube video covers the series, even though the above freeze-frame might show CB103.

3-Part Series:

Corrugated Basics 101: History and Industry Overview In this course, called History and Industry Overview, we’ll discuss the History of Corrugated and provide you with an Overview of the Corrugated Industry today. Also in this module we will take a look at the Corrugated Industry as it stands today. We’ll look at the different types of Manufacturers and what they produce. We’ll cover the size and scope of the corrugated industry. And finally, we’ll discuss why corrugated is so popular as a shipping container material.

Corrugated Basics 102: Corrugated Board and Its Uses In this course, called Corrugated Board and its Uses, we’ll discuss the construction, configurations and types of Corrugated Board. It’s divided into 3 lessons. In lesson 1 we’ll look at how corrugated board is made. Lesson 2 covers the specifications of Linerboard, Medium and finished Combined Corrugated Board and we’ll have a look at some of the tests used to assure quality. In lesson 3 you’ll see some of the various types of products being made from Corrugated Fiberboard.

Corrugated Basics 103: Manufacturing and Converting This course is on the manufacture of Corrugated Board and converting that board into various products. In this module we’ll cover the most common forms of corrugated packaging. We’ll discuss some box terminology and show you some box blanks before they have been formed. You’ll see several types of containers, and we’ll show you how to correctly describe a box using industry conventions and terms. We’ll also show you some of the “non-container” uses for corrugated board.


1. AICC, The Independent Packaging Association: Corrugated Basics Course


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