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Posted March 20, 2017 by Alyce Ryan

On February 24, the evening before ICPF's 2017 Teleconference, 20 select students from Bowling Green State University, Clemson University, Michigan State University and Virginia Tech joined visiting executives from Green Bay Packaging, KapStone, Pratt Industries, Mid-Atlantic Packaging, Welch Packaging and WestRock for ICPF's student dialogue on corrugated packaging careers.
The students from Bowling Green State University, Clemson University and Virginia Tech were awarded ICPF travel grants to visit East Lansing for ICPF's Student Dialogue Dinner. The students joined the 126 MSU packaging students in the broadcast auditorium the next day to view ICPF's Teleconference, gaining a unique perspective by observing over 500 fellow students interactively participating at Michigan State and remotely from 17 additional campuses. 
Following are bios the students provided in advance of the dinner.  The complete resumes for the students attending the dinner, as well as over 100 other qualified upcoming graduates, can be accessed on ICPF's Career Portal by ICPF Corporate Partners and potential partners that post student internships. or full-time entry level openings there this quarter.  Please note that students and upcoming graduates are hired quickly by other industries so there is a short window of opportunity to employ student interns and 2017 graduates before they are hired elsewhere.  We encourage ICPF corporate partners (and potential partners) to contact ICPF ( and use the career portal now to post full time openings for spring graduates and students seeking summer or fall internships. 
AARON, a Clemson University packaging science senior, will be graduating in May 2017. "My most valuable packaging experience came from a co-op with Tyson Foods in the fall 2016. I was part of the team in research and development for innovative food packaging. I realized through working with corrugated suppliers that I had an interest in the design of POP displays as well as in the structural design of corrugated packaging. I am currently seeking a full-time position for design work, and I am willing to relocate.” *Available May 2017 for a career opening.
BRAD, a Michigan State University senior majoring in packaging with a minor in Health Promotion, will graduate in May 2017. "I currently am the Vice President of MSU's Pi Kappa Gamma Packaging Honors Society, an Ambassador for the School of Packaging, a Mentor for the School of Packaging, and I am employed through the school as a Student Undergraduate Educational Assistant for a new packaging course. I interned at Unilever in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey working in the foods business, as well as Newell Brands in Downers Grove, Illinois. I am interested in the structural design, sales & marketing and business areas of the corrugated packaging industry." *Available May 2017 for a career opening.
NATHAN, a Michigan State senior majoring in packaging, will be graduating in December 2017. “This past summer I was a sustainability intern for Greif Inc., an industrial packaging manufacturer headquartered out of Delaware Ohio [that presented in the 2015 Teleconference]. I spent the majority of my time working with the Rochester Institute of Technology to evaluate the end of life of Greif's fibre drums, and formulate recommendations for future practices to improve the company’s efficient use of resources.  This May I will begin working with The Dow Chemical Company in a packaging intern role.  I am interested in corrugated design, sales and management.  I am looking forward to discussing full time opportunities past graduation.” *Available December 2017 for a career opening.
GRACE, a Clemson senior in the Graphic Communications program, will graduate in December 2017. "I interned the summer after freshman year as the assistant to the digital press operator at CBS Distribution in Greer SC. My second internship last fall was with Sealed Air, the flexible packaging giant. That internship sparked my interest in designing and printing packaging, but the obvious sustainability issues of plastic packaging turned my interested towards corrugated, a much more environmentally friendly industry. My primary interest is in graphic and structural design, but after attending the ICPF dinner, I am interested in sales as well." *Available December 2017 for a career opening.
CHARLOTTE, a Clemson senior Graphic Communication major will graduate December 2017. “My experience so far has been working with CAD to design and create paperboard products in labs at Clemson University. I am currently seeking a summer internship and a full-time position after graduation, and am willing to relocate for both. I am a member of Gamma Epsilon Tau (GET) the graphic honors fraternity for Clemson University. I am interested in packaging design, printing & converting, product development and sales within the corrugated packaging industry.” * Available for a career opening December 2017.
ALAN, a Bowling Green State University junior studying Visual Communication Technology with focuses in packaging design, print, display, and photography is scheduled to graduate fall 2018.  “Over the past nine months I have held a co-op position with OfficeMax as a Print Consultant.  During my co-op experience I have worked with a large customer base to design and produce products ranging anywhere from brochures and business cards to posters and large format banners.   I have been receiving ongoing education on the ICPF donated CAD sample table and Artios software, and independently reading various publications published by the Fibre Box Association (FBA).  *Available May 2017 for a student internship and for a career opening fall 2018.
REBECCA, a Clemson senior majoring in Graphic Communications with a minor in Packaging Science, is planning to graduate in December 2017. "I have gained knowledge in both areas of study and I am most interested in how the two converge. I interned for Sonoco Trident in Cincinnati where the focus is on P&G artwork. My interest in packaging started with childhood curiosity, specifically with POPs and product packaging. I am excited about my career ahead and would ideally like to land in the Carolinas, but I am open to other opportunities." *Available May 2017 for a student internship and for a career opening December 2017.
CAMERON, a Michigan State senior majoring in packaging with a graphic design minor, will graduate in May 2017. “During my time at the university, I have completed two internships. The first internship was with PCA [speaker at 2014 Teleconference], where I worked in its corrugated packaging design department for over seventy clients. The second internship was with Nestle USA, where I helped develop incoming material quality checklists with our corrugate suppliers. Along with my two internships, I am also the current Treasurer of CoPPAC (the packaging student organization on campus.” *Available May 2017 for a career opening.
MEGHAN, a Michigan State senior majoring in Packaging and minoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability, will graduate spring 2017. "Within the school, I have served on the executive board for Coalition of Packaging Professionals and Academic Connections and I have conducted my own undergraduate research project at the School of Packaging in the fall 2015.  I also had a co-op with Kimberly-Clark in the spring of 2016 where I had the opportunity to work with our corrugate supplier and learn about the industry." *Available May 2017 for a career opening.
SAM, a Bowling Green State University sophomore majoring in Visual Communication Technology, specializing in Print Media and Photography, with a minor in Computer Science, plans to graduate in May 2019. “I have interned with multiple print media facilities, one being Allure Signs & Printing, in Marblehead, OH. I was the Production Assistant as well as a designer who worked one on one with clients. Currently, I am Production Supervisor at Falcon Media, where I am involved in designing, prepping for print, and working with the printer. After attending ICPF’ dinner and teleconference, I have a desire to potentially enter the corrugated packaging & displays and currently seeking a summer internship there.” *Available summer 2017 for a student internship, and for a career opening in summer 2019.
CAITLIN, a Bowling Green State University sophomore majoring in Visual Communication Technology, plans to graduate in May 2019. “I have shadowed in a local print shop in Bowling Green where I learned about the operation of the CAD system. I am a member of the Bowling Green Honors College and have completed an honors research project on the subject of the print industry. My interests are graphic design, packaging design, product development and printing & converting. I learned a lot about the corrugated and packaging industry through the teleconference and dinner and wish to seek a student co-op.” *Available summer 2017 for a student internship, and for a career opening summer 2019.
CLAIRE, a Michigan State senior majoring in packaging, plans to graduate in December 2017 and is looking for a full-time position. “I am currently pursuing a 6 month packaging internship at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m learning a lot about industrial packaging and the materials and techniques needed to ensure the product gets to the customer in its best condition. The main goals of the packaging team here at Steelcase include protection of the product and cost of the packaging materials. We use a lot of corrugated here so I know its protective abilities, but I look forward to learning more about the display aspect of corrugated.” *Available December 2017 for a career opening.
ALEX, a Michigan State junior majoring in packaging, plans to graduate in May 2018.  “In the Summer of 2016 I had the pleasure of joining Well's Enterprises in Le Mars, IA working with packaging for Bomb Pop, Blue Ribbon Classic, and Blue Bunny Ice Cream.  At Wells, I learned more about compression testing and worked with cross functional teams to provide material savings and troubleshoot internal and external packaging issues.  Corrugated packaging interests me because 90% of all products in North America are delivered or transported in corrugated packaging at some point in their life cycle.  Starting in January of 2018, I will be working for Diageo on a Packaging Engineering Co-Op.”  *Available summer and fall 2017 for a student co-op.
LINDSAY, a Michigan State sophomore majoring in packaging with a minor in environmental and sustainability studies, plans to graduate in May 2019. “I spent last summer studying packaging logistics in Europe. Last semester, I acted as Head of Communications for the Healthcare Packaging Immersion Experience 2016 and was the Secretary of MSU Coalition of Packaging Professionals and Academic Connections (CoPPAC). I am currently serving as Vice President of CoPPAC. I also work as an intern in MSU’s School of Packaging." *Available Summer 2017 for student internship and for 6 month student coop June-Dec 2018.
ASHLY, a Michigan State sophomore majoring in packaging, is a new member of the executive board of CoPPAC, the MSU student packaging association.  As the current secretary of CoPPAC, “I strive to promote students’ networking opportunities through our meetings and events. I presently work at ISTA, verifying test reports and lab certifications, while learning about distribution knowledge. I am looking forward to my junior year, and recently accepted an internship with Unilever in the personal care division. I am the founder of the Michigan State University Irish Dance Club. I am a member of Pi Kappa Gamma, an honorary packaging society, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, and as a freshman, I was a member of the MSU Pompom Team.” *Available January 2018 for a student internship.
MATT, a Michigan State junior packaging major plans to graduate in May 2018. “My interest in corrugated packaging & displays developed after taking packaging with paper and paperboard. This interest was furthered by being able to gain hands on experience with these materials in the labs and classroom throughout recent semesters. This summer (2017) I will be interning with SC Johnson, where I will be working with the Research & Development team.” *Available May 2018 for a career opening.
ERIC, a Michigan State Senior studying Packaging (B.S. degree earned May ’15) will graduate with an additional B.S. degree in Biosystems Engineering in May ’18.  “I have had three co-op assignments at Silgan Closures, PepsiCo, and Unilever working on everything from technical lab work to project management, regional & global packaging portfolios.  I was selected in 2016 as one of three Packaging students nationwide to participate in Shurtape’s inaugural Mission: Packaging educational program where I published monthly work to educate people interested in the packaging profession.  I also represent MSU and the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (CANR) as a J.S. Morrill Fellow to prospective students, alumni, industry partners, and community stakeholders on and off campus as well as being MSU's Pi Kappa Gamma Honor Society President.”  *Available for a career opening summer 2018
AUSTIN, a Michigan State sophomore studying packaging, is planning to graduate in December 2018. I interned with Whirlpool Corporation during May-December 2016. Working across 3 platforms, I took both supportive and leading packaging roles. I am returning to Whirlpool for 3 months during the summer of 2017 and will co-op with Havi from January to June 2018. Currently I am the President of CoPPAC, a packaging student organization and an active member of Pi Kappa Gamma, the packaging honors society. My current career goal is to become a packaging consultant for large corporations to optimize packaging systems and minimize resource consumption.” *Available December 2018 for a career opening.
ANDREW, a Michigan State senior majoring in packaging, plans to graduate in May 2018. “I became interested in the corrugated industry after PKG 101 where we learned about different flute sizes and properties that corrugated boards provide. I will be interning at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston, MA starting in May 2017.” *Available May 2018 for a career opening.
TABITHA, a Virginia Tech sophomore with a packaging and design major, plans to graduate in May of 2019. “I will start my first internship in the packaging industry this summer at Virginia Tech’s Center for Packaging Unit Load and Design Research Lab. I will learn about ASTM, TAPPI, ISO and ISTA. I will also learn how to present to our clients and take over personal projects with said clients. I’m so excited to be a part of ICPF and the packaging industry!” *Available for a student internship Summer 2018 and for a career opening summer 2019. 
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