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Posted March 8, 2017 by Alyce Ryan

 Phillip Mack, North American Sales Manager of STOCK Maschinenbau, a German manufacturer, is pleased to announce that Cincinnati, Ohio-based Artistic Die Company will add a STOCK LLM/HP labeler with upstacker at its headquarters facility in Cincinnati.  Artistic Die was founded in 1927 when die maker, Charles O’Keefe, perfected a way to manufacture a composition steel rule die of far superior quality than the standard available within the industry at that time.  Concurrently, the firm also began to expand into the die cutting business.  When World War II broke out, the U.S. Army Air Corps sought a supplier to manufacture three-dimensional model airplanes (ours, our allies and even the enemies) to assist gunners in identifying aircraft.  Artistic Die developed a procedure to precisely die cut these various airplane models. Today, these cardboard planes still stand as a piece of history and are on display at the Smithsonian Institute. 
Artistic Die selected a rebuilt STOCK LLM/HP Labeler to produce fully-automatic label laminating including both spot or full-sheet labeling. The LLM/HP offers simple operations with rapid set-up that can produce up to 4,000 sheets per hour.  Via the unit’s upstacker, the LLM/HP stacks the finished product – label side up – for easy and efficient quality control while a stereo or mat is not required for the placement of the adhesive.
Artistic Die will utilize the labeler to expand into new business markets as well as offer even greater versatility and flexibility of services to its clients.  Justin O’Keefe of Artistic Die Company, adds, “We were very fortunate to locate this previously-owned litho laminating labeler that will be seamlessly introduced into our current production environment. This German-engineered, designed and manufactured unit will further our pursuit into growing markets and allow us to continue to offer a wide array of comprehensive die cutting and labeling services to our growing and valuable client base.”  
Leading STOCK’s North American sales and service office, together with South Korean-based Young Shin USA’s sales and service, Mack added, “When our existing STOCK clients upgrade to larger, more expansive equipment, it allows us to offer the model being upgraded at a very competitive price point.  We are delighted that Artistic Die secured the unit for their growing business while we continue our solid reputation of exceptional training, parts availability and service expertise.”   
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